“Cone Of Silence” is out!

My third full-scale piano work is out today on Oclassica label. It’s called Cone Of Silence. This piano cycle has been written primarily during COVID lock down in 2020-22 except Gracefully (written end of 2019) and Amber (written January 2023).

This work focused solely on the theme of solitude. Most of the pieces based on the minor harmonies that coherent between tunes in contrast to bright and optimistic There Will Be Rainbow. It has been recorded at a beautiful church of St.Catherine in St.Petersburg by Vladimir Nosyrev on 1978 Yamaha CF. Really happy with the sound that trurned out exactly as how I envisioned it.

I want to thank everyone involved in production and release of this work:

Vladimir Nosyrev – sound
Dmitry Egorov – photography and video
Sergey Bryukhno and Oclassica – publishing
Elena Oleynik – inspiration and support