“Cone Of Silence” | Fall 2019 – Winter 2023

“Cone Of Silence” is a collection of nine pieces, isolated and muted in their nature. Only exception is “Gracefully” (written over a F# major pedal that brings a bit of light at the end) and possibly “Amber” (has a strong major vibe in the coda G-F-Eb).

Majority of the suite employ minor harmonies in D, E, F and G for the main themes. It helps to create a nice flow and overall coherency. “Spiral” and “4am” have loose tonality. Former has a body of major harmonies arranged in a way to create a dark mood (i.e. B-E-C-Eb major) with final part in F# major (links to final “Gracefully”). Latter based on the quartal harmonies in the right hand that start and end on a G# minor vamp.

The overall idea was to create a sense of solitude and detachment.
Make it dark, but not entirely, and infuse light tones and muted warm colours.

You can consider “Cone Of Silence” like a shadow sibling to “There Will Be Rainbow”. Light and dark, day and night.

Voices / Echoes

Released through Oclassica in January 2024.

Listen: https://tszigyarto.bandcamp.com/album/cone-of-silence

“There Will Be Rainbow” | Summer 2023

THERE WILL BE RAINBOW is an elegant and captivating collection of 12 piano pieces composed over the past decade. Not originally planned as a complete work, it has unfolded over time as a full-length suite that shares the same overall theme of harmony and reflection. This set of 12 interconnected pieces leads a continuous narrative from beginning to end, closing with the eponymous title track. All original compositions (except for Naima, a paraphrase of the acclaimed piece by John Coltrane), it seeks to illuminate and embolden the listener. The rainbow is used as a symbol, a metaphor for a glimmer of hope that drives us forward in the times of sadness and sorrow. The themes from THERE WILL BE RAINBOW are a perfect reflection of the project’s core musicality and concept.

Released through Nanova Records. More details and liner notes can be found here: https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6551/

Listen: https://tszigyarto.bandcamp.com/album/there-will-be-rainbow

“Fragments” for piano | Spring 2022

“Fragments” is a set of thirteen piano vignettes written between 2019 and 2021 as a continuous narrative, reflecting on the different aspects of contemplation: poetic, emotional, meditative, melancholic and restrained. Also, “Fragments” bridges two cities that became central in my life: London and Saint-Petersburg. Each movement written in one of them and almost every piece carries images and mood of these cities that are so dear to my heart.

A few pieces have direct relation to works of composers I have always admired and grown up with. “Prelude” and “Lament” inspired by Ravel’s short pieces and “Pavane” employs theme from his “Ma mère l’Oye” pavane. “Pastorale” draws the mood and setting from Aaron Copland’s pastorale piano works. “Waltz” and “Elegia” inspired by Debussy’s early compositions. “Novelette” is directly related to Sergey Banevich’s “Mermaid” children’s album and pictures Baltic Sea waves and west wind blowing over the waters.

Released on Oclassica label.

Listen: https://tszigyarto.bandcamp.com/album/fragments

Membrany / Мембраны | Spring 2021

Piano fantasy on the end of the world (piano + synth). Inspired and directly related to Elena Oleynik‘s poem of the same name written in Dec, 2018.


Berlin On Air: https://www.berlinonair.cc/post/653949434608189440/tamas-szigyarto-membrany-klassik (german)

Indie Dock Music: http://indiedockmusicblog.co.uk/?p=2476

Sinusoidal Music: shorturl.at/byN18

Roadie Music: https://roadie-music.com/tamas-szigyarto-as-teclas-sentimentais-por-tras-de-membrany/ (portuguese)

Hauméa Magazine: https://www.haumeamagazine.com/en/haumea-playlists-16/

Official video

Blue Hour | Spring 2020

Two-part piano poem written together with Elena Oleynik. Consists of two inter-related pieces: “Dusk In My Window” (by Elena Oleynik) and “Tilted Shadows” (by Tamas Szigyarto). “Dusk In My Window“, which is part of Oknovokean (piano + viola duo) repertoire, was specifically re-worked by Lena for this duo project. Whereas “Tilted Shadows” is an answer piece written to reflect on the original motif of the “Dusk” picturing the bright side and hope of the original A minor theme and ends in the A major key.

Listen: https://tszigyarto.bandcamp.com/album/blue-hour

Elena Oleynik, Tamas Szigyarto
"Blue Hour"

Memory Waves | Summer 2019

Three-part piano fantasy written in Summer 2019 and released in Oct 2020.

I. Rupture

II. Reflections

III. Release

Listen: https://tszigyarto.bandcamp.com/album/memory-waves

Tamas Szigyarto, Memory Waves